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Buy the best massage tables on the market so you can offer you clients the most relaxing massage they ever had. Discover our selection of portable massage tables, electric massage tables, and deluxe massage tables. Save money with our competitive prices offered in Canada only!

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  • Portable massage tables

    The portable tables are the best for ''on the go'' massage therapist. They fold to be easier to store and to carry. 

  • Stationnary massage tables

    Stationnary tables will offer your clients the stability and confort they deserve. 

  • Electric Tables

    An electrical powered table is the best gift a massage therapist can get himself! To have your client always at the best height will save you from injury and will make your career last longer.

  • Multifonctionnal tables
  • Expresso portable Nomad table

    This tables of only 25 lbs will be perfect for your frequent travels.

  • Nomad Pro Table

    The Nomad Pro massage table is Nomad tables “flagship” portable table. With its “trapeze” leg system making it durable and easier to open, it is ideal for professionals with a very busy calendar. 

  • Electric Powered Ergonomic Table - 3 Sections

    Massage & Esthetic, the best of both world! This ergonomic massage table is fully electric powered to let you work on your clients, not on the table.  Either you want it flat to give a massage or sitting up to make a facial or a reflexology, this table is all you need.

  • Sumo portable Nomad table

    The perfect choice for beginners or anyone looking for a solid basic table that’s quiet and easy to move around. A starter model with an excellent price/quality ratio. Nomad tables have a limited lifetime warrantee!

  • Laguna Sand Electric Table

    LAGUNA SAND is a highly versatile multi-purpose chair that is just right for facials, waxing, massages or any type of body treatments. Its unique contour and shape provides exceptional working ease skin care professionals and massage therapists as well as maximum comfort for the client.

  • Kiné Sport Nomad Table

    These high-quality tables were developed particularly for professionals working in a sports and athletic environment. Another unique Nomad design feature: adjustable legs, angled at 9 degrees to provide maximum stability during stretching maneuvers at the ends of the table. All Nomad tables are covered by a limited lifetime warranty!

  • Spa One by Silhouet-tone

    Beautifully crafted from the finest materials, the SPA ONE chair sets itself apart with its exceptionally smooth electrical system. This single-cushion chair is perfect for massages and spa treatments. Sleek and modern looking, the SPA ONE, with its high tech design, is the most versatile treatment chair available and is suitable for both medical and...

  • Spa Nomad Table with backrest

    A luxury table with a high-end finish, designed for estheticians and massage therapists. Multi-purpose table that has a 10-position adjustable back rest allowing for a wide variety of uses, including lymphatic drainage, body treatments and the full range of esthetic services.

  • Silhouet-tone Etna Electric table

    Inspired by a licensed massage therapist’s experience and advice, the ETNA can go very high or very low to fit a variety of modalities’ requirements and decreasing the facility need to limit a treatment room to just a select group of services. A foot pedal allows to adjust the height, preserving the contact with the client during the treatment.

  • Laguna Flex electric table/chair

    The LAGUNA FLEX  is best suited for facials or any other types of body treatments. This chair sublimates the client experience by providing ultimate comfort through enhanced positioning. The system, with its three quiet motors, ensures relaxation and allow all adjustments to be smooth and quiet.

  • Mado table with tilt (Backrest)

    This table, with its scissor construction and easy height adjustment, was specially designed for use in a spa environment or where several therapists share the same work space.

  • Comfort Aluminium Table

    Characteristics: Dynamic weight capacity: 450lbs / 204kgStatic weight capacity: 2750 lbs / 1250kg Length: 72.5 "/ 184cm Including headrest: 83 "/ 211cm Width: 28 "/ 71cm available Height: 24 "/ 61cm ~ 32" / 81cm Weight: 24.6 lbs / 11.2kg

  • Masso-ERGO Massage Table

    Masso-ERGO Massage Table Looking for a portable table that suits your needs when you're on the go? This lightweight and practical massage table with its wooden frame is perfect for you.  

  • Pregnancy Massage Table

    Pregnancy Massage Table Portable massage table perfectly adapted for pregnant women. Comfort guaranteed!

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