Massage Table Linens Canada

If you are a massage therapist, a massage therapy teacher, or if you own a spa center or a physiotherapy center, you know that having the best massage table linens is paramount. Massage table linens are specifically made to fit your massage tables, so that the minute your customers lay down, they feel comfortable to receive their massage.

As Allezhousses is one of Canada’s top massage table linens’ manufacturers, we must only use the finest fabrics (cotton, curly fleece, polyester, knitwear cotton, flannel, etc), to create amazing massage table linens, sheets and blankets that are comfortable, lasting, and easy to care for. However, if you have massage tables with unusual measurements, we can manufacture custom massage table linens, with all you specific requirements (color, size, fabric, etc).

You have the opportunity to bring to your massage therapy clinic, spa center, massage therapy school, physiotherapy clinic, a vast selection high-quality massage table linens, including fleece blankets, cotton fitted sheets for massage tables, bolster covers and pillow cases, 3-piece flannel sheet sets, curly fleece cover for headrest cushion, quilted massage table fitted sheet, and more to guarantee each customer’s well-being and satisfaction.


If you need more information about our massage table linens and sheets, our services, or our prices, all you have to do is to contact us by email or by phone. Our specialised team will be pleased to answer all your questions about our products. Save big and buy your massage table linens and sheets online to get fast shipping everywhere in Canada.

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