Biogel 2 – Silky and long lasting


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BIOGEL for professionals is an innovative line that offers a wide variety of neutral and therapeutic massage gels, with 100% plant based ingredients, they serve a multitude of needs and offer optimum glide.


Discovery of four massage gels and one massage cream in a 60ml format.

Includes the following products :
-Biogel Rich and Creamy Massage Cream
-Biogel 2 Silky and Long Lasting
-Biogel Relaxation and Release
-Biogel Chai Vitality
-Biogel Muscular and Pulmonary

Instructions: warm the lotion in your hands before massaging.

This gel may be combined with hot stones, mixed with salts or sugars for exfoliation, used for water massages and mixed with essential oils for a more personalised approach.

 All brands of massage oil and gels cans cause fires.
Oil-saturated linens and towels can spontaneously burn up in the dryer or when stored after drying, even after washing.
Use caution when drying or storing fabrics in your dryer, or when stored after drying and even after washing.
Use caution when drying or storing fabrics exposed to oils.
Consult your dryer manufacturer’s instructions if necessary.
Laundry fires are related to spontaneous combustion. Incomplete removal of oily residues from textiles is one of the factors.
The problem begins in the dryer when the residual oils are heated and eventually either the oils themselves, or their degradation products, begin to react with the oxygen in the drying air.
The reactions start only slowly in the dryer, they can continue in the hot stack of clean folded towels or sheets. 

Data sheet

Litre | Gallon | Fluid Ounce 1 L - 2 L | 33,81 FL OZ - 67,63 FL OZ, 3.78 L / 1 Gal / 128 FL OZ, 4 L + | 135, 25 FL OZ +
Mililiter | Fluid Ounce 200 ml - 250 ml | 6,76 FL OZ - 8,45 FL OZ, 50 ml - 100 ml |1.69 FL OZ - 3.38 FL OZ
Where it is made Made in Canada, Made in Québec


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Biogel 2 – Silky and long lasting

Biogel 2 – Silky and long lasting

BIOGEL Discovery kit: our best-selling gels for try!


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