Detoxifying Dark Clay


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Detoxifying Dry Dark Clay

Our 100% pure and natural Canadian clay is packed with essential minerals that help maintain healthy skin.

The body wraps release their natural richness to enhance the beauty of the skin. With their remineralizing, detoxifying and soothing properties, BioOrigin's pure and natural wraps are the ultimate revitalizing treatment for all skin types.

The molecular structure and mineral composition of this clay (iron, aluminum silicate, magnesium) gives it incomparable absorbing properties.

It captures impurities, oils and water. It cleans the skin deeply and removes its impurities. The dark clay also has anti-bacterial properties.

Recommended for : Wrapping

Texture : Fine powder

Main benefits: Detoxifying, cleansing, antibacterial.

Key ingredients: Exclusive Canadian dark clay 100% pure and natural (rich in iron, aluminum, silicate and magnesium).

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Kilogram | Pound| Gram | Ounce 4 kg - 5 kg | 8,8 lbs - 11,02 lbs, 600 g - 700 g | 21,16 oz - 24,69 oz


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Detoxifying Dark Clay

Detoxifying Dark Clay

The molecular structure and the composition in minerals (Iron, Aluminum Silicate, Magnesium) such allows it to absorb water, oil, and any impurities from the skin. It deeply cleanses the skin and removes any impurities. It also has anti-bacterial properties.


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